History of Stevenson’s Chapel UMC

Stevenson’s Chapel is named after Rev. Edward Stevenson, the first Methodist Pastor in Logan County.  Its roots lie in the historic Bethlehem Methodist Church which was originally built near Olmstead.  In 1810 the church decided to build a larger building leaving behind their old structure.  A small group of Methodists were given the building, which they moved and renamed “Stevenson’s Chapel.”

The earliest mention of the church comes in 1846 when Rev. George Richard “Dick” Browder was ordained to preach there.  The present building was originally constructed in 1873.

In the early 1920s the church building caught fire during the Quarterly Charge Conference.  After the flames were estinguished, the congregation met at the school building next door — after the first meeting enough money was pledged to rebuild the church within the same brick walls.  Many items were saved from the original structure.

The educational building was added in 1950 and then expanded in 1986.  In 2008 a Multi-purpose building was added to accommodate expanding ministry.

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