Egypt (Free! Series)

Are you drowning in debt? Do you have no idea how you are going make ends meet? Do you make a large amount of money but it just seems to slip through your fingers? In this series we will be looking at Jesus’ teaching for his disciples about money and stewardship.


Over the next three weeks we will be traveling from the bondage of Egypt to the freedom of the promised land. In this sermon we take a hard look at the reality that is the bondage to money and debt that we live in today in our own Egypt.



A huge thanks to Jorge Acevedo, Grace UMC (Florida) and the Kentucky Annual Conference for many of the ideas and research that has gone into this sermon series. It began life as a stewardship teaching by Rev. Acevedo at annual conference.



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#1 Do No Harm (Three Simple Rules Series)


There are a great number of rules out there asking us to obey them. What if there were a simple set of rules, and if we followed these simple rules that we would move closer to God and holiness. That’s what we are looking at in this series of sermons. John Wesley gave to his people what was referred to as the general rules:

  1. Do No Harm

  2. Do Good

  3. Stay in Love with God


In this sermon we look to the first of these rules and try to answer the questions, if doing no harm is simple why do so many people live lives that are destructive and painful and what would it look like if we really applied this simple rule to our lives today?


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